Crossing the Threshold: Voice of a Black Woman


My second book is coming in February 2023!

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Winner of the Richard Heyman Award for Outstanding Literary Achievement

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February 20, 2023 at 5 pm
at Studios of Key West Rooftop Garden,
533 Eaton St, Key West, FL 33040

Crossing The Threshold


Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul is a collection of spiritual and autobiographical inspirational reflections by Arida Wright, detailing her journey through personal, family and mental struggles into a new personal peace through spirituality.



Transparency is needed to empower others!

The transparency of this “Testimonial” is greatly appreciated. What better way to “Be your brother’s keeper” than to show them what God can and will do! Arida Wright has exposed her pain, addiction, weaknesses and more. It’s a self-help read and a tool of empowerment. Well done, Arida Wright.

5/5 Stars

Soulful reflections for peace, joy, and personal growth!

This book contains so much wisdom and valuable perspective for people seeking recovery and for people who seek peace. Arida Wright’s reflections will give you something to think about and help you grow as a person.

5/5 Stars

Reflective, Relevant & Relatable

Then Sings My Soul by Arida Wright has become part of my daily self-care. Her entries are so personal and reflective that I am compelled to look within for my own healing. I look forward to each entry and have to stop myself from reading ahead. Thank you for sharing your voice and heart with us, Arida.

5/5 Stars

About the Publisher

Powerlines Publishing is a non-denominational holistic ministry that specializes in providing a support system for people seeking Higher Self Awareness. We have designed a program to assist an individual in achieving their goals by providing spiritual empowerment workshops, retreats and self-empowerment products for reprogramming negative thoughts to constructive thoughts. Publishing empowerment books was added in 2022.

Juneteenth Celebration in Nelson English Park 2022 performing with Carol Brown in Key West!

About the Author

I am President of Powerlines Healing by the Sea Ministries, and live by the philosophy of self-empowerment, which is a lifelong mission of spirituality for me. I draw from my rich, cultural ancestry. As a Shinnecock Indian/Afro-American woman, I teach the power of spirituality through the use of traditional ceremonies.

My personal and cultural experience has led me on a professional journey as well. I am a licensed minister through the University of Metaphysics and a Traditional Reiki Master. I currently reside in Key West, FL where I am a member of the Key West Poetry Guild and the Key West Writers Guild. I am a past columnist for Key West the Blue Paper and Village Voices newspaper.

I am the author of Then Sings My Soul, and also have a collection of poems in several anthologies. My second book, Crossing the Threshold: Voice of a Black Woman, is coming soon.

Arida Wright



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