This title was given to me from my sister in Christ Jennifer Baggett. I was an asthmatic child and I spent many days in bed sick. It turned into bronchitis when I became and adult. It didn’t help that I had a 49-year addiction to cigarettes (7 yrs. stopped). I suffer now with COPD so my lungs are compromised and even now I can spend many days sick in bed. It seems this sickness comes when I am doing really well in my life. So how does my Soul keep singing even when I’m sick? First, I recognize God has all power to heal me. Second, I turn this sickness over to this power. Third, I continue to praise God for all the many blessing in my life! I don’t even have to have lungs or I could be waling around with an oxygen tank following behind me. It’s only through God’s grace that I have the health I have and I will attempt to take the best care of myself to stay healthy.

Today, nothing , not even this sickness can take away the joy that Jesus gives me! I celebrate our union through all these tough times. Through sickness and in health, it’s me and you Lord. I believe and declare in Jesus’ mighty and holy name that through His stripes, I am healed.