There was a time when I would feel disrespected and have to react to the person from a wounded place. This would happen especially if the person was in an authority position (like my boss). I was violent, confrontational, extremely angry, going from 0 to 100 in seconds. I was fired and/or sent to EAP (Employer’s Assistant Program) more times than I can count. I get it, now that I am in touch with my inner child , (my little girl within), my response was so drastic because I was responding from hurt she endured in the past when she was not big enough, not strong enough to fight. That’s all changing now. I now know that disrespect is a perception and it was a trigger that would set off a charge that would ignite my anger so blindly that I couldn’t see my part in the altercation.

Today I am worthy of respect because I am learning to respect myself. I don’t have to respond with anger. I don’t have to play a victim when I feel violated. I am learning to come from an inner power instead. I love and approve myself.