This song reminds me of when I was a teen ager growing up in the 70’s, the Commodores had a song out called Zoom. I would sit and listen to it for hours after smoking a joint. How I longed for my heavenly home. How I felt this earthly life was not where I was supposed to be. There was too much sadness inside of me. “I’d like to fly far away from here, where my mind, oh Lord, can be fresh and clear…” were some of the words of the song. I will interject here – that all my drinking, drugging, smoking, orgasms, escaping through food and fantasy, trying/praying to die were my attempts to “Go home” – to be free and if I couldn’t go home or be free, I’d do something to live in an altered state that was as close to heaven as I could get. Isn’t that why they call it “getting high?” My Soul remembered existing in the spirit realm, not having a body and receiving an assignment so none of these escapisms are bad, only a vain attempt to go “home.”

Today my life and will are turned over to God and I don’t need a substance or anything else outside myself to feel free.