From the song Gigolos Get Lonely Too comes this prayer: Dear God, this is my deepest desire and I believe your promise that you will not withhold any good thing from your children. I believe you can and will deliver my BOAZ and he will honor me with the way he makes love to me without taking off my clothes.

In previous relationships Lord, I have jumped into bed with someone before I even knew who they were, not knowing how they were going to treat me. I don’t want to live my past behavior again if the opportunity comes to be with a God ordained partner. Until then, I am happy keeping myself to myself. I am happy not degrading my body, my mind and my Spirit with someone contaminated. I like being pure like this Lord. I like being free to be me.

I ask you to please put all my fears and insecurities aside and just let me trust and rely on you because Lord, I have never been loved by a man the way you love me. I have never been loved without taking off my clothes and I’d like to experience that in this lifetime if it is your will. Thank you. Love, Arida

Today I will give my deepest desires, the desires of my heart to my Higher Power and trust that in due time, this prayer will be answered.