Tonight I heard the most amazing gospel music as I watched Aretha Franklin’s movie Amazing Grace. The effect the music was having on me made my Soul stir deep down inside where God lives.

Growing up, when my mom took me to Antioch Baptist Church every Sunday, I got to witness the existence of God through the songs, the prayers, and the people being “touched” by the Holy Spirit. I didn’t realize it then but she was laying a Foundation of Faith in me that has carried me through all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in this life.

What I saw and learned there has kept me from falling, kept me from dying an alcoholic /drug addicted life, kept me from killing myself when depression clouded my brain, kept me the nights I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe, kept me during the times when no one was there to hold me up. This Foundation of Faith has sustained me and is now delivering me to a “promised land” life I am living right now.

Today I honor my mother for being the catalyst who introduced me to a faith that works under all circumstances. My life is so blessed walking by faith and not by sight..