Last night I watched a caterpillar turn into a butterfly on the Nature Channel and it was truly miraculous. First the caterpillar ate as much as it could. Then it inched its way up a tree and attached itself onto a leaf by excreting a sticky substance and hung upside down. Then it worked to enclose itself into a silky case as it wove its way into a cocoon. It was absolutely amazing! I relate to insulating yourself in order to heal, in order to be free, in order to enjoy the things in this life that are yours to experience. When the beautiful butterfly comes out after two weeks, it just comes out. It was mind boggling how it all happened! I relate to coming out beautiful after crawling around on the ground. After doing the inner work to be released into the world, it’s time to spread my wings.

Today i learned from nature how powerful the inner spirit is! As a spiritual being, this is exactly how God wants me to be — free!