Being an incest survivor makes me vulnerable in relationships. Tonight I just feel I am wayyyyyy too sensitive to be interacting with anyone. I take everything too personal even though it’s not. I don’t seem strong when I need to stand up for myself. The boundary can be set with someone in a upstanding way but I don’t really have those kind of people skills. I’d rather just write you off than deal with you again or deal with all these feelings. Feelings have always been my downfall. I will NOT fall tonight. I will face everything I am feeling and recover. The only way out is through. I will not run. I will not hide in compulsive behaviors just to numb the feelings of how inadequate I feel over not handling a situation in my eyes correctly.

Today, I love and approve myself just the way I am. I have a loving God to turn all these awkward, dark feelings to so I will “seek through prayer and mediation to improve my conscious contact with God praying for the knowledge of His will for me and the power to carry it out.