Now that we have come to a close of these reflections, my prayer is your life will be transformed. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Roman’s 12:2 Typing these pages has been a transforming experience and a confirmation of my Powerlines Healing By The Sea Ministries. It is the song my Soul has been singing all along for I have always felt the ministry in me, even when i I was getting high.

There were these bleachers at W. Tresper Clarke High School that early in the morning I would be out there reading Psalms from a little pocket bible and girls would come out and we’d smoke joints and I’d talk about God.

In closing, know that there is no obstacle too big, no mountain too high, no river too wide, no Goliath to fear and no one that can stop you from reaching your full potential in this life and having all your dreams fulfilled!

Today, may the God of your own understanding be with you as you endeavor to fly over rainbows! Listen to the music. Safe landings…..

Love, Arida