Today while sitting in a virtual racial discussion group I joined, I was blessed to hear one of the black participants read one of my poems to the group. Last week I was asked to read a poem to the group. This week, one of my poems was being read. I was 1) amazed how much elation I felt that someone else was reading my poetry to the group 2) amazed that out of all the poems she could have read, she read mine 3) the book the poem was in she said someone gave to her 4) I was honored and humbled all at the same time 5) it really meant a lot that someone of my own race, (who I didn’t think liked me) felt enough about the poem to bring it to the group 6) as I listened to the poem I remember writing it and it brought a smile to my face. I wrote it during my first poetry class with Flower Conroy and she got a grant to publish the poetry the whole class wrote. Her class was where I was born.

Today hearing my poetry read in a group I belong to for the first time has been a highlight of my life up till now. Even though I’ve had some amazing things happen this week, this was the pinnacle. Thank you God for the gift to writer poetry.