The last week has been beyond anything I could ever comprehend while writing the book Then Sings My Soul. The virtual book launch was a week ago today and so much has transpired in the spirit realm that I am in awe of the miracle that is me!

At my Pastor’s insistence, the launch was on the church’s Zoom channel and there I told the people who came on how the book was not meant to be a book, it was a journal that I wrote my daily ups and downs. No one was ever to see the intimate things I wrote there. Exposing myself to the world was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. However, the rewards have been incomparable! One of the rewards was listening to people who have purchased the book already sing it’s praises and let me know how they have been using it everyday and it has helped them so much.

First of all, I had a prayer warrior, my bff /life coach Simone Peer design the beautiful invite that went out to my mailing list. She devised the method to send 256 invites out on mail chimp. I sat in awe and watched her take the whole day to do this and she didn’t charge me a thing! There were two other women of God who took up the task to make up two different flyers which I used on social media to alert people about the event. Neither one of these women charged me for this service! Both of them did a beautiful job! I am so grateful to God for His provision.

Before I got off the Zoom launch, an order of 10 books was paid for and placed in my account! Every day this week I have received orders for the book. I have also received beautiful cards that individual women have sent (one with money to order the book). The words in the cards express such beautiful sentiments.

Today I am touched and humbled that people are being touched by the words I have written inspired by the Holy Spirit. The whole project has been effortless. That is when you know you are in God’s will, when He is in complete control and all goes smooth as silk. Thank you God!