Last night I posted a video on my FB page expressing gratitude to God for the blessings of Then Sings My Soul. I am witness to the book literally taking wings and flying all by itself with very little help from me. There has been such a kindness shown to me from people that I felt I had to publicly acknowledge them.

Grateful a woman I know who works for Books and Books here in Key West told me go bring 5 copies to the store for them to sell. That gave me my first official contract as an author!

Grateful I made the list of authors on the Key West Writers Guild web site. Amber Nolan did an amazing job with the pic and the bio I sent her!

Grateful my friend Veronica gave my book a free ad in her fresh off the press magazine The Village Voices! They did a nice job as well.

There are women who receive their book and then go on their FB page and let their friends know and I am receiving orders that way.

My publisher tells me that the book has been selling 10 copies a month on Amazon and I’m grateful for that!

I have received several cards from women who have written to express to me how the book has affected them and I am just blown away that they would actually take the time to sit and hand write these precious thoughts to me. I’m very grateful for that!

Grateful I have a friend who announced my book on her gospel show Sunday. That was real special!

There are women in 12 step fellowships who order copies for their sponsees once they received their own book! Very grateful for the sharing I see among women who are caring for each other’s souls. We all have been through so much but the best is yet to come.

Grateful I have men who have ordered the book as well. My cup runneth over!

Today, I have so much gratitude to witness God’s abundant blessings on my life. I will remember that these are the rewards of being obedient to the still small voice instructing me what to do.