Part of recovering from co-dependency is being able to look at where I was wrong in a romantic relationship and admit it. If I’m pointing fingers, there are three fingers pointing back at me. In my mind, many times I made excuses for my partner – that made me wrong! Many times I heard the Inner Guidance tell me not to involve myself with such a person but I did it anyway – that made me wrong! The warning red flags would be flying all over the place and I would just ignore it so I wouldn’t be lonley or alone – that made me wrong! When I got hurt in the relationship, it was not the other person’s fault, but I would put the blame on them, causing all kinds of drama in the relationship – that made me wrong! In the end, I only hurt myself by NOT being honest with me at the beginning.

Today the task of being true to me means that I do not disregard the Good Orderly Direction (GOD) I am receiving. And I don’t ignore the red flags either.