I was in a meeting one night when a couple in recovery brought their 4-month old baby with them. When the baby started crying and causing a disturbance, I paid close attention as the parents applied all types of methods to quiet and comfort the baby. She finally was comforted enough and went to sleep.

As I watched the sleeping baby, I could see exactly what it’s like when I am being resistant to God’s will for me. He has given me the instruction/guidance and I heard what it is I was to do but instead, at times, I choose to resist and that resistance shows up as me rolling around in my dirty diaper on my blankie, crying, balling up my fists and causing a disturbance just like the baby. However, as the pain of resistance humbles me, I stop fighting, I surrender to God’s will, I become calm and comforted as the baby I watched go to sleep.

Today through humility, I can surrender to my Higher Power’s will for me and be comforted to know that He knows what’s best for me and can see what I can’t see.