Wanted to document the miracle that happened last night. On Sunday nights I host a NA zoom meeting that focuses on the Spiritual Principles of each of the 12 steps of our recovery program. I invited a speaker from the area I got clean in South Jamaica Queens to speak and celebrate his 32nd anniversary. I had NO IDEA that when I invited him the word would get around the fellowship and soooooooo many recovering addicts from 30 plus years ago from that area would come on. They were all there!

Since I have lived here, which will be 23 years in November, I have been talking about the area I got clean and the addicts from there and WOW was I blown away they all were there for my people here to see! I am so grateful to be a channel for God’s light to shine on all of them to see this long term recovery of where I come from. It was a true moment of miracles and my Soul is still singing from it! What an amazing experience because we are all a very special group of people to have gotten what we got from recovering in that area. We are responsible for starting Narcotics Anonymous back in the eighties at the height of the crack  epidemic and AA could not help all the crack addicts coming in and they told them to go start their own fellowship and I was asked to come help and bring my AA knowledge to add to recovery in the NA rooms which were like the wild wild west!.

I am just taking that journey all in now. It is filling my spirit with so much gratitude! Nothing is lost. I had it all twisted for the longest time. I got involved with a newcomer back then and it was a no-no because I had so much time and he didn’t. It was called the 13th step and really looked down upon. He and I went on to get married and because he was a recovering crack addict I went with him to a lot of those meetings. He left a beautiful legacy. People still speak highly of him. He passed in my mother’s house 3 months after she passed. He never came to Florida with me. He wanted to live in Hempstead in an upstairs apartment we rented from her (we never paid). Mom would send the money she got from the Hempstead Housing authority Section 8 check to me every month when I was so broken down and couldn’t work. She supported me until she passed in 2014. After she passed my disability came through right on time!!! I tell you God is an on time God. May God bless them both.

Today, nothing is lost. It was all for a higher good.