I have a dream that if I ever meet someone again who was to be a romantic partner in my life, that I would come into that relationship healthy, not broken, not needing to be fixed nor looking to fix anyone. I would have my own – God bless the child who’s got his own. I wouldn’t be needy for love and attention. We would both have nutual attraction and respect for one another. I would not put him on a pedestal because only God belongs there. I would not have obsession and compulsion (addiction) running the show. Lastly, I have learned my lesson that issues of control, manipulation and people pleasing have no place in a healthy relationship. I have spoken about this. I believe this. This is my dream. I will remain abstinent from sex and relationships until I feel that old, dysfunctional part of my being has healed.

Today I believe in the healing Power of God to restore me to my original glory.