The last few days I’ve been “playing small.” It doesn’t work. It’s like when you’ve outgrown a size 6 shoe to a 7 and trying to put back on the small shoe doesn’t work. I’ve been really afraid of what’s been happening since the book Then Sings My Soul came out. It’s actually been surreal. God has just been pouring out blessing upon blessing. He told me to put His book 1st and since I did His will, His abundant blessings have been flowing. He is true to His word. He is a rewarder of good works. People are actually buying several books at one time. Sponsors are buying them for their sponsees.

This week I received a heart felt email and also a thank you card from a woman who is a PhD letting me know how much her life has been helped by the words in the book. I’ve been awed and humbled by this communication. I’ve reflected about all the very painful situations I wrote about that I’ve healed from and find it surprising that helped someone.

A church member called and expressed how proud of me she is and she is ordering 3 books! I had another church member order the book from Amazon and then came over to have me sign it for her! My pastor is a force, pushing me to do a virtual book signing . She is letting me use the church’s zoom number and she got the flyer done at no cost to me! Another woman I just met has a business where she designs marketing material and offered to do my invitations for me at no cost! I can barely keep up with all the things God is blessing me with and this is the way it has been since the book was literally taken out of my hands to become published. I will be speaking about it at the virtual book signing.

So this week my website went public finally and I love it! It looks really beautiful. I’m VERY grateful the publisher delivered! Thank you God. Plus adding to the blessings, I had a virtual celebration last weekend 41 years of recovery/sobriety one day at a time. It’s been overwhelming and I found myself wanting to crawl under a desk and disappear because it’s overwhelming.

So from Nelson Mandela’s speech, “You are a child of God; your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.” Amen 7/20/20