Today I found two envelopes in my file cabinet drawer full to the brim with powerlines. I tend to write them on anything that is available whenever a good one hits me. A powerline is, in my opinion, words that connect me with God’s power. When the words are spoken or read, you can actually feel a divine spark light up inside. I realize just now that they are a way of life and they help me have a life. What started so many years ago as a method to help recover from depression , is now something I do every sings day!

It started while attending Unity Church in Hempstead back in the day. My spiritual counselor Maureen took me there. I was so out of touch with my spirit. I had in fact died and went there like a zombie in the movie Night of the Living Dead. When Rev. Ida – who was a dynamic speaker brought forth the word, they would hit me and ignite my spirit and I would write them down on my church program. Then I started bringing a note pad to church. When I got home I would look at what I wrote and began to reprogram my mind. At first, a lot of times after service, I needed to lay down and take a nap because my brain wasn’t really working. But the words began to work like a medicine in me. The words had real power in them. Power to heal, power to bring a dead spirit back to life.

Bringing it back today, if I’m watching TV and something hits my spirit I write it down. If I’m holding a conversation with someone and something they say hits my spirit I write it down. The best part is finding these powerlines all around the house at various times. I learned this from Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life. She calls them affirmations and instructs to place them and say them in the mirror. I realize now they are how I continue to reprogram my mind for success. If left to its own devices, my brain would default to fear, anxiety, self-doubt and lies. I am not going to let that happen.

Finding powerlines all around has been my saving grace, especially when I start to not believe in my self. I find powerlines I’ve written in my bill ledger and on the note pad I write my grocery list. I bought a stack of index cards and a carrying case to keep them in for anything that may hit me in the morning meditation books. I have them here in front of me on a poster board hanging above my desk. Whenever I look up, there are these words of inspiration. I may publish them ALL one day. They’ve helped me so much.

Today, I control the narrative of what goes and what does not go into my brain. Like a computer, the brain must follow my commands. My body will follow and produce the results! I really love the output I’m seeing in my life today. That means my reprogramming is working! Praise God! 7/26/20