My publisher came today and delivered the last of my order of 30 books of Then Sings My Soul. I put the box on the couch. Ten minutes after he left I received a call from a dear friend from NY now living in North Carolina. He ordered the book two weeks ago, told me he received the book and wanted to know if I sell them in bulk? Bulk???? He said he works with clients as a life coach in a rehab and wants to give my books to them! They are young women in early recovery and he said he was giving clients the devotional Jesus Calling but he’d like to give mine because mine has to do with recovery! WOW look at God! I was floored! It took a minute to recover. Never in my wildest dreams did I see that coming! God has surprised me once again and all praise and glory goes to Him!

I do remember sitting quietly with my pen and God would put what I call a “download” of messages into my brain that I would transcribe on the pages. At times there were things I considered too personal that I did not want included in the book but God Won and I submitted my will to His divine will. I could not see why then but after that phone call today, I definitely see it now. It was never about me. It was about that young woman in the rehab that He wanted to get a message to. I was just the channel. That is what happens when your Soul is allowed to sing! You receive the guidance, the direction you are to take in your life.

While writing the book, I had personal encounters with the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets he spoke to back in the day that did writing for Him. For so long I remember wanting to have a burning bush experience like Moses did. I wanted to know if the God I heard about in church was real and did He really care and was He really concerned about me? I tried Him and I found Him to be faithful. I see all this has happened with the miracle of the book Then Sings My Soul.

Today, I know it takes humility to be a servant, to allow God to use you, to follow the will of His calling and be obedient to the singing of my Soul. Amen 7/23/20