During last week I received greeting cards from women who have been reading my book Then Sings My Soul. One woman even enclosed a check for me to go do whatever I needed to do as well as ordered the book. I have been humbled reading the sentiments of what they took the time to put pen to paper and write how they were being affected by my words. I realize that as much as I’m overwhelmed by this, I am equally awed that the power behind the words that delivered the many messages in the book come from God. I really can’t take any credit except I sat still long enough to hear what His still, small voice was saying and wanted to say. I wrote as I heard the messages come up in my spirit. I never knew there were other people that would be reading the words but that is exactly what is happening and I get to hear the miracles that are happening in their lives by receiving God’s blessings. So not only is my life being blessed because of the book, so are the people reading the book.

Today I praise God from whom all blessing flow! I am in the flow of His abundant blessings! Thank you God!