I am listening to Phyllis Hyman sing the song Remember Who You Are right now and I am deeply moved. That’s what this whole Earth journey is about. It’s about what was the mission I signed up for before I incarnated into this body? What did I say I would come here and do when I was in a spirt form? I believe there are people planted here to help us remember, to help us get on the path if we are way off, even push us in the right direction. In my case, it was Phyllis Hyman singing this song.

I forgot to mention when I was leading that workshop at that retreat, I was playing this song in the background over and over while the participants were passing the items around. As I reflect on the fact that she took her own life, I remember how many times I was unsuccessful at ending my life. I realize now I am meant to be here. During all the attempts at suicide, I was not remembering the mission. The veil was covering my brain. I was not tuned into my spirit. Something had to happen to awaken me and bring me to the writer who sits here and is typing this now.

My book Then Sings My Soul being in the world is changing lives. I am receiving thank you cards from people who are reading it and they tell me they are reading it everyday as part of their morning meditation along with other devotional books they read. They are women and men. I am amazed by this because I remember while I was writing the book, fighting with God telling Him, ” No God, I don’t want to put that in, it’s too personal.” (And God had me put in several of the attempts I made to end my life in the book and the interventions that have me still here today.) Of course God always won and I always put in the very hurtful parts of my life that are helping people now.

Phyllis is singing now, “There’s no one like you, no one quite as special, you have all you need, take care of yourself, make your magic happen, make life the best it can be and when the clouds of doubt get you off your guard, just remember who you are.” I have had many dark, cloudy days when I didn’t want to live, I didn’t know who I was. Now that I remember who I am, the tide has totally changed! I look forward to bringing forth the greatness that was placed within me long before I ever incarnated into this body. As I stay on task, stay on the path, doors are opening, divine connections are happening, resources are being made available to carry out the dream, the mission I came here to do. Phyllis did it for me. Who will you do it for now?

Tonight I am remembering the great Phyllis Hyman who helped me remember who I am. May she S.I.P.