On Saturday Night Live, the music (if you can call it that) was performed by Megan the Stallion. She is a rising rapper and looking at her set and her outfits, someone has invested a lot of money in her talent.

The reason why I’m blogging about it here is because I am so confused with the message she is promoting. As the camera opens after she has been introduced by Chris Rock, she is holding the microphone between her legs. She lip synchs 50% of the song and twerks during the whole performance. And her dancers simulate sex with every dance move they do. I am totally confused when at the end of the first set as the words Black Lives Matter show in back of her stage and she does a monologue about “we must respect our black women we must respect our black men” and pumps her fist in the air.

I’m wondering how can anyone respect us if all they see is young black women shaking their ass on stage like they’re in a strip club? I don’t understand it. In my eyes it is blasphemy. You have a platform to promote our culture, our race which is under attack and all you do is shake your ass??? This is the message to young girls who are looking up to Megan. I have no idea who Megan looked up to because Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, Salt n Pepper, MC Lite, Eve who are women rappers never took their clothes off to perform, to make money.

Megan has a huge fan base and is loved by many. She’s a rising star. I wonder if it’s the music industry that tells these women that in order to make it in that business, that is what they have to do. Otherwise no one will invest in her, or get her on a stage like Saturday Night Live.

Black sexuality is a mask. A mask I hid behind all the way up to my 35th year of recovery from drugs and alcohol. I took that mask off seven years ago and my talent has emerged, my gift has been born, money is coming in that I haven’t had before and I keep my clothes on and my legs closed today. I am respected for my talent and use my platform to promote positive messages out into the Universe. There is enough negativity to go around. I’m here to make a difference. My assignment says it’s so.