Today I am really amazed how far my Higher Power has taken me from the girl who sat behind that cubicle, and walked the boardwalk at Jones Beach feeling really afraid to pick up and move to Key West, FL. I am in wonderment of this book and how people have reacted to the book. I am honored God chose me to be the channel of HIS peace. The book is really BIG! It is selling on Amazon. It has opened doors that I didn’t see coming. It was a dream come true to be a published author but to be a published author making a difference on the planet, leaving a footprint in the sand, leaving a legacy behind is something I did not see coming. I do see the powerlines in this book have carried me from a mighty long way and the power of words is what my ministry is all about!

Today living BIG is a blessing of a loving God who watches over me and is guiding my steps.