Today while swimming, a little lizard floated by me in the water. It scared me so I quickly moved away from its little body. There is a filter in the pool I believed he was on his way to. Since it was the end for him, it wouldn’t be such a bad place to end up. A little while later the same little lizard floated by me again but this time he was on his back and I could see his little webbed feet moving. Immediately I leaped into action to rescue him since he wasn’t dead. It was an illusion, he only appeared dead.

Not wanting to touch him, I attempted to rescue him by pushing him up and out of the the pool with a huge splash/wave of water. It didn’t work so I tried again watching him look like he was drowning as the splashing of the water washed over his little body. He didn’t drown. In fact, on my 4th attempt, he actually rode the wave and latched his little web feet onto the side of the pool. I watched him as his lungs expanded and deflated. He looked stunned from the experience and I wondered if now he would die as he gathered his senses. He blinked his eyes at me and just lay there breathing. He was in this position maybe 5 minutes as I continued to check on him.

To my surprise, my next swim around the pool he was gone! I looked and looked but I didn’t see him. Next time around I saw a little lizard jumping over rocks at quick speed. I thought, ‘Is that the water lizard? That can’t possibly be him. How did he survive that trauma? How is it he didn’t die? He certainly looked dead the 1st time he floated by me. The lizard I saw leaping and jumping was full of life and reminded me of me. This is my story. Trauma stunned me and I went under many times but I never drowned and I didn’t die. There is much to admire about a Resilient Spirit!