“Then Sings My Soul is inspirations for spiritual improvement. A noble effort to help others find more peace:’ – Allen Meece Co-Founder Key West Poetry Guild

“I’ve known Arida for many years and I did not know she wrote so well with such deep feelings for life. I found myself going over and over what she had written because it touched my heart so deeply. I considered it a privilege and an honor to read what she had written. I cannot wait for the book to be published. Thank you so much Arida you have changed my way of thinking about life!” – Jeane La Rance, Documentary Photographer, EditorNideo maker

“Then Sings My Soul is powerful and uplifting. Arida speaks from her heart and is connected to the soul of the Universe:’ – David L. Sloan Author, Publisher, Producer

Then Sings My Soul bravely confronts addiction through daily meditations. Ms. Wright does not shy from the unknown, nor does she sugar-coat how difficult it trul is to be free of addiction and to rebuild love for oneself: “Today I might not like the process of divine tuning; however it is necessary to produce the great song that is within me!” Alternating between personal account and prayer, meditations and mantras, Then Sings My Soul celebrates life and the difficult process of healing. An inspirational read. – Flower Conroy, Key West Poet Laureate, Editor