This life of walking and talking with God requires a committed life. I see as I have given more and more of me to God, He continues to give me the desires of my heart (including this book being published with very little effort on my part. It’s all God). My life is so truly blessed and when I think of where I was when I first started listening to this song (I couldn’t get myself off the couch for weeks) to how I live now, it is totally unrecognizable! And it was really scary to leave my home in Long Island, my marriage to husband #2 and everything I owned in an attempt to live my dream life in Key West, Florida. The attraction was the huge writing community here and I wanted to be a part of that. It has taken me a really long time (19 years); I am finally a part of that community and flourishing!

Today as I surrender more and more of my will to God’s will, my life becomes richer, more prosperous, more purposeful, happier and more serene.