For the last week I have gone out the house without coloring my hair. The whole front part of my hair is grey. I don’t like the grey hair. I’ve been coloring it for years and now I have hair loss due to that. I wear my hair in locks which is a natural style. It feels like I am not being real when I don’t accept my grey hair. The color of my hair doesn’t change anything that I am on the inside, even though I believe it signifies how old I am getting. There is something about growing old that I don’t like. I don’t like looking old because I do not feel old. However, what I do like is that I find myself not making all the dumb mistakes I made when I was younger. I’ve learned, I’ve grown, I’ve love and lost but I’m still here.

Today I will accept myself as I am. There is nothing wrong with the way I look. I love and approve myself.