I don’t remember the year this song Keep On came out but I know I was in the depths of my depression. I was in therapy working on heavy issues as my diagnosis at that time was Dissociate Disorder formally called Multiple Personality Disorder. I had ten of them. 2 boys, 5 girls ranging from 3-10 years old, 2 teenagers and one I called “The Holy One: who was angelic. They all lived inside me. I created them all.

It was a bizarre life but I was facing the demon of abuse and I was determined to get better. So I played the words to this song over and over and I did set it in my mind that I would overcome this obstacle. By the time I moved to Key West in 1997 I had integrated all but three personalites. The ones left were China (the one who moved us), Re (a 5 year-old) and the Holy One. In the 21 years that I have lived here, I’ve totally integrated all of them inside me Praise God! We now move as one and I no longer dissociate. What a blessing!

Today I REACH for what it is I want knowing that I can have it!