This song was playing on the radio as husband #2 and I were driving out of the Keys after our first visit here. I did not want to leave. I looked up in the deep blue sky and told my mom on the phone, ‘Mom, it’s so beautiful here. I don’t want to leave.’ The words to this song brought tears to my eyes – so powerful! For once I felt really good but sadness was creeping in when I thought about how grey the skies were day after day in New York during the month of March.

It took 7 years but when it was time to leave and finally move to the Keys, husband #2 decided he wasn’t going to join me and I was heartbroken as I left him and everything I owned to have my life here on the beautiful island of Key West, FL. Every day I fall more and more in love with where I live and even though the fear of leaving was overwhelming, I had to do it to “make that change.” Michael was right, it does feel really good!

Today I will examine my fears and give them to a loving God as I understand Him. Then get up and make that change! Go after my dream!