I saw a video of myself today and I was appalled at how heavy I’ve gotten! I really can’t stand looking at how large I am! Beating me up about it is counterproductive. It is what it is. However, in spite of my weight issue, I realize I can’t hide my light anymore. I have been called to shine. The fat was an attempt to cover it all up, bury it so to speak. It didn’t work. Being heavy was my attempt to protect myself from getting hurt by people because people hurt. The weight has caused numerous health problems that would clear up with weight loss. The light inside has broken free from my prision walls of fat. The journey to a healthy weight and to live in the body God wants me to live in has become the next frontier.

Today I acknowledge the gifts that God has placed inside me. I don’t have to continue to hide them under layers and layers of fat. I no longer need this false protection. It is safe to be who I was truly meant to be!