I love this definition of a diamond: Formed by heat and pressure, diamonds are then delivered to Earth’s surface by deep source volcano eruptions of the movement of subduction zones that bring the diamonds up to the ocean floor. Powerful!

This is so true of what is happening with me losing weight. The real Arida lies deep inside me (the Soul that sings). The heat and pressure of life made this outside, false Arida. Childhood abuse did not kill me, it only made me stronger. I am strong because I have been so weak in my life. At times when I should have stood, I fell. The eruptions are bringing the real me to the surface and it all has led up to right now and right now, as big as I am, it does not negate the fact that I am still a diamond in the rough!

Today I allow my light to shine. It is no longer necessary to continue to hide it under addictions, fears, dysfunctional relationships and self-hate. Amen