The most remarkable blessings have been pouring down on me this week. One after the other, three people have just graciously made me the most beautiful flyers for my virtual book launch. Each flyer has a different vibe and a different flavor. I feel so overwhelmingly grateful.

Saturday I watched my bff, Simone Peer, sit all day at her computer making an invitation for me and then creating the mail chimp program that sends out mass invites. I am amazed and humbled by her love towards me to do this and not charge! None of the three women charged for their designer work! How does that happen?

It happens because God is so good and blesses so well. It happens because I am His child in whom He is well pleased because I AM doing His will. The book Then Sings My Soul is His project and He has provided for it every step of the way! It may have come through me but it is His project. He has been faithful. He has shown Himself trustworthy. I can depend on Him in my time of need. He meets every need. I shall not want! He provides everything I need! That is why I praise Him. he is worthy of all my praise!

This morning I awoke to a friend knocking on my door with $20 in her hand to buy the book. Another friend came after that with another $20 for her book. It doesn’t even cost that much. They both said keep the change. These are the benefits of being a believer.

“You are here, turning lives around. I worship you, I worship you. Waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who you are” ~~~ from the song Waymaker 7/27/20