Today I was making potato salad and I noticed while peeling the onion there were layer, upon layer, upon layer of skin. The good part of the onion, the useable part, is covered by other layers of skin that are unusable. I threw those out in the garbage. The process of peeling away false selves, untruths that I used to justify a life of hiding from my real gift, my real talent, not allowing myself to shine takes patience and tolerance because the process doesn’t happen over night. Instead, it happens over time.

Once you get to the good part of the onion, you look and marvel at how perfectly clean and shiny it is inside. It is pure. It is undamaged. Whatever trauma the onion went through to get to my hands is gone. The same with my Divine Spirit within. It is pure, untouched by things of this world and the trauma I experienced as a child.

Then, placing that very good part of the onion in my potato salad made it taste so flavorful it made my taste buds happy, it made my Soul sing! It taught me the gentleness I demonstrated in holding the onion in my hand is necessary when it comes to dealing with my heart and my healing.

Then Sings My Soul: When I make mistakes and fall short of my own expectations, to not berate myself because this is all part of the process of making a delicious life!

Healing cannot take place if I use abusive language and judge myself. If I continue to do this, I am perpetuating the original sin caused by the person who abused me. I am discarding the dysfunctional relationship I have had with myself doing this destructiveness. Day by day I am learning to be gentle, to be loving, to be kind, to have compassion, to have empathy, to forgive, to understand, and to not judge the things in me I see that I disapprove of.

Today, after going through layer, upon layer of spiritual growth, I am finally seeing the really shiny parts of myself and it is a blessing to witness and acknowledge my own worth, my own value, my own process. 7/21/20