Very grateful today as I look around at my life and I am truly living my best life one day at a time! As a result of allowing God to be God in my life, my health is improving as I am making consistent choices to eat better foods and be more disciplined in what I put in my body. I am caring for the vessel He has provided to carry my Soul and finally I am in compliance with His will for me. All the time I spent being defiant, all the time I spent disobedient, all the time I spent eating whatever destructive foods that did not bless my body and were causing me actual physical pain, has led me to this moment of glory right now! I am feeling the blessing of following the song my Soul has been singing all along. This is the source of real happiness – compliance.

Today I am reaping the benefits of good health, of self love, of being good to my self, of being true to my self, of not being in physical pain, of paying attention to the still small voice of my Higher Power.