In my attempt to “change the things I can,” I started a weight loss cleanse two weeks ago. I did okay with it but now I am in a weigh loss process and I’m not doing too well. I seem to be making decisions still based on my emotions and not my desire to have better health. With Covid -19 out there, I have been faced with just how unhealthy I am. I decided to make a change and stop eating all the fast food I was eating, all the sweet things I’ve been addicted to, eliminate carbs I don’t need since I am diabetic. I have a coach and I seem to always have good results working with coaches.

This has been such an uphill battle. My will vs. God’s will for me. I know God only wants the best for me and I have prayed about this issue long and hard for years but have failed in every attempt. This time I am listening to my Soul. It is new. I am like a newborn. I don’t know how to eat properly or feed myself. I need God’s direction and when I receive it – to not be defiant but complaint in order to live my best life and my highest good.

One day at a time is a slogan I am using to help overcome my compulsion to hurt myself. I believe that is the underlying cause of my heaviness. I will pray for the strength to not hurt myself today. I will ask God to help me love and care for this body that transports my Soul around. I will also ask for the willingness to help myself. This is NOT something I am powerless over! I am making decisions every time I put something in my mouth. I am overwhelmed with the process of surrendering this behavior to my Higher Power.

Today I’ve been given power and dominion over my choices. My choices effect my body. My Soul is attempting to sing the direction I am to take in order for my body to be the best body it can be. I am a beginner listening to this song but willing as Michael Jackson sings, “Make that change.”